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    Controls EtherCAT – I_O modules

    關鍵詞: Berghof,EtherCAT,I/O EtherCAT

    簡介:High performance in a compact designThe E I/O system is an important element of the Berghof control solutions for modular production machines. Best performance- EtherCAT right through to the terminals Saves room in the control cabinet- high I/O integration and compact design Rapid start-up- simple CODESYS integrationEvery I/O terminal plays a role in the EtherCATEtherCAT represents high-perform...
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    型 號 PXF2660
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    夏工-工業總線-工業自動化-實時仿真 ID:2937





    趙工-總線系統-嵌入式系統-工業自動化 ID:2940

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    High performance in a compact design

    The E I/O system is an important element of the Berghof control solutions for modular production machines.


    • Best performance - ethercat right through to the terminals
    • Saves room in the control cabinet - high I/O integration and compact design
    • Rapid start-up - simple CODESYS integration


    Every I/O terminal plays a role in the ethercat 

    EtherCAT represents high-performance data transfer. It is an industrial Ethernet protocol specially developed for the requirements of automation technology. So that the I/O modules achieve the best possible level of performance each I/O module plays a part in the EtherCAT. Dispensing with an intermediate bus, the I/O data pass direct from the terminal to the appropriate master unit for processing. This guarantees the best access performance coupled with optimal synchronisation of the cyclic PLC task.  

    High I/O integration in a small construction for decentralised solutions

    With around twenty different I/O modules the E-I/O system represents a comprehensive and well-structured system that is at the same time a complete I/O system. A removable spring pressure 連接or is located on the compact, 25 mm wide I/O terminal. The I/O modules can be easily alined on the usual normed DIN rails. The high concentration of I/Os on a module, supplemented with multi-functional I/O modules, saves space in the control cabinet and in storage.

    Best CODESYS integration

    The CODESYS programming tool plays a key role in Berghof control solutions. For the most efficient CODESYS I/O integration the CODESYS EtherCAT master and the CODESYS control configuration are available, making the EtherCAT technology together with the current CODESYS Version 3 particularly easy to use.


    But applications using CODESYS V2.3, too, can also benefit from ethercat technology. For these Berghof offers a specially designed EtherCAT configuration tool complemented by an EtherCAT master library for CODESYS V2.3.


    Integration in Berghof control systems

    The E-I/O modules can be attached directly to the EC1000 PLC controller. The I/Os are thus optimally integrated in the CANtrol EC control system as regards both the hardware and software technology. To construct decentralised I/O islands an EtherCAT bus coupler is available. This also provides a link to a superordinate controller such as a DC1000 display controller.

    Controls EtherCAT – I_O modulesBerghof,EtherCAT,I/O
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